This is a general guideline.

Most of the time the prices of the commissions and the prices presented here end up being the same, but bear in mind that adding too much extra details or elements in the piece may end up rising its price. Having a ‘real’ face into it, or making variants, increase its price too.



1 Character – U$180.00 (Full Color Work)

Sample 1

2 Characters – U$270.00 (Full Color Work)

Sample 1  Sample 2

3 Characters – U$360.00 (Full Color Work)

Sample 1  Sample 2  Sample 3


What do we do, and what we don’t:

* It’s too silly try to write what we can and what we don’t depict in full. Write us what you want to see depicted and we tell you if we do, or we don’t – no judging or shaming of you from us.

* Use as basis whatever you see in our galleries – if it’s there, most probably we feel comfortable doing.

* We refuse to do any picture that involves gore (‘guro’), mutilation or extreme body modification, fecal matter, or blatantly young or old people.

* We may also refuse to do any picture with real people faces we feel uncomfortable with.

* Again, the best way to know is asking – just be polite and understand that if we refuse to make it, its not personal.

* Special attention if you ask us to make real people faces that aren’t public personalities – we will demand that you prove that the person you want depicted authorized you.


Contact for commissions:

* Email us legiostudio @ gmail .com