“If there was one thing that Asami and Korra learned about themselves that night, it was that they loved cock more than they hated each other. It wasn’t much, but it was something. A thin common ground for the pair to stand on, and a building block for the Great Uniter to set up a foundation. She began forging the two women into a more civilized discourse by feeding them the inches of her throbbing member, and she was pleased with the result from a great variety of angles. As Korra slurped down her length and showed off that she could indeed deepthroat quite well, Asami tasked herself with the worship of the woman’s sack. Her tongue wove back and forth, circling each perfect mound and layering it with affection and spit. While the two of them worked they didn’t even seem to mind each other’s presence quite so much, and at one point Korra even braced her hand on Asami’s shoulder while she continued to gulp down the inches.

There was one moment in particular that Asami noted; when her head was turned to the side and her tongue was flickering back and forth at the spot where Kuvira’s sack met her shaft, that she heard Korra give something akin to a mild grunt. Not quite a gagging sound – she was far too accomplished a cocksucker for that, but a noise of mild discomfort. And Asami would’ve relished pointing it out, only in the same moment she felt Korra’s fingers tighten on her shoulder. She was gripping her a little harder…and Asami would be damned if she had any idea just what that meant between them. Perhaps it was the reflex of a slut that was taking more down her throat than she could manage, but it could’ve just as easily been a tiny grip for support. If not from a friend, from someone that at least knew the role they were in.”


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