Lets start the year with a BLAST!!


This is one of my favorite pics we ever did! It summarizes the whole idea of moral degeneration we’re looking for!

So, who are these?


First we have Black Widow, in a fashion you can barely recognize her! She gave herself in into this new life of depravity – including getting herself a huge cock so she can enjoy it harder!¬†And she’s so over her old morals that she’s eager to corrupt and pervert others! Specially¬†the young ones – the pure and lovely Powers Sisters: Julie and Katie!

A little babysit here and there and the girls are ready for their makeover. A small push and the little tarts will get hooked into blow even before they taste booze for the first time. In a whim they’ll be whoring themselves to Widow for a little more of the high.


And from high, buddy, they’ll FALL! They’ll fall HARD! They’ll fall for the STREETS!


They’ll fall for the ZONE!