“After the invasion was successful and all the heroes defeated Ilza decided to break several of the most powerful heroines. After breaking their most powerful and turning her into Ilza’s own pet “Wrecker” she deiced to use Wrecker to break more. Sadly most heroines were killed but Starfire was strong enough to survive being wrecked by Wrecker. After multiple “play dates” two things happened. Wrecker recognized Starfire who became her favorite “playmate”. Wrecker even cuddles with her with her. Second was Starfire’s mind was irreversibly broken and Ilza re-purposed her to both calming Wrecker’s temper and as a reward for her men who find her any remaining heroes or just please her in “other” ways. Starfire has become not only Wrecker’s favorite but the entire army’s favorite as well!”


A commission – the text is from the client too – based in an unfinished comic we did years ago! You probably know what, perv! 😀