Sara had expected some godly looking studs to pound her internal organs to mush with their thick cocks when she had set out earlier wearing a studded collar and little else.  But when she spotted a small gang of three slim trappy boys walking through the park dressed in slutty police uniforms with padded push-up bras, she wasted no time in sauntering up to the patrolmen and growling out, “Officers!  I have a crime to report!  I’m the nastiest streetwalking fucking whore on this block and you have to stop me before I corrupt the youth of this city!”


Although the youths were dressed in open chested blue police leotards, booty shorts and fishnets with high heels, they were curiously taken aback by Sara’s straightforward demand for sexual punishment.  She found their reaction beyond cute, causing her nipples to stiffen and poke through her tube top, which was way too tight around her EE sized chest.  This shameless display caused one boy’s dick to start hardening in his cramped shorts, prompting Sara to deftly slip a hand down his pants and unzip his fly, popping his cock out in one motion.  “Officer.  I am a bitch and you need to do something about it!” she said, punctuating her words by flicking her long hot pink nails against his penis.


The abused teenage boy in his tiny blue latex copper uniform yelped, frowned, then drew a sly smile as he started to understand what Sara wanted.  “Well ma’am you’re standing in the way of us getting to an important police party, so if you insist on reporting this crime, the penalty will be severe,” he said, smacking his genuine black hardwood police baton against his palm, which looked absolutely ridiculous because Sara was still holding onto his hard meat baton.  She licked her lips as the other two traps encircled her, making sure to make her tongue stud clattered against the twin snakebite spikes pierced into her lower lip; pouting, she stuck out her too long slutty tongue so that the traps could all see the heavy piercing weighing down her tongue.  It was clear the boys had a lot to learn about whoring from her.  “Do your worst you authoritarian pigs,” she drawled, spitting into the lead trap’s face.


Wiping away the glob of saliva from his face with a black leather half glove, he answered, “Big mistake you won’t be making again,” while slamming his nightstick down across the tops of both of Sara’s massive mammaries, ripping them free of her long suffering tube top.  “Hold the bitch!” he barked, spurring his comrades to pin Sara’s arms behind her back in a harsh compliance hold, puffing out her large chest even more and causing her fun bags to bounce and sway; she wrestled a bit with the officers holding her to enhance the hypnotic jiggling effect.  “These are definitely highly illegal contraband,” he lead boy continued, hefting Sara’s weighty titmeat with his nightstick under the bellies of her breasts.  She chuckled with amused delight as he lifted her own boobs up to her face.  “Then maybe I have to swallow the evidence,” she said, hungrily slurping and sucking at her own nipples with her head until she caught one in her mouth.


“Then we’ll have to do a deep cavity search in your gaping slut holes you two dollar hooker!” one of the flanking traps said, pushing his meaty erection against Sara’s smooth bare thigh with its shiny new tan.  Blindly clawing and grabbing at her fleshy hips, his fumbling fingers found the slick elastic strings hugging Sara’s sky blue thong to her hourglass waist; giggling he pulled back the springy material and snapped it against the generous curves of her hips, making her bite down on the nipple still in her mouth and causing her to moan like a bitch in heat through her teeth.  He flipped her latex micro-micro-mini skirt up over the top of her meaty ass and spanked her on both cheeks hard enough to leave handprints.  Tottering forward on her towering plastic neon pink stripper heels, Sara smothered…”

-by Scarab

Yeah, he never finished it… and you’re probably as frustrated as I. 😉

Well, at least teaches us to enjoy the ride, not the destination. Enjoy it!  ^____^


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