A few days before the complete destruction of Cyberton by the planet-eater Unicron, an Autobot ship crash landed into the Junk planet, leaving no survivors…


It took a couple weeks before the Junkions manage to repair the only recognizable carcass of a robot they found. Badly damaged, filled with blank clusters of memory, barely remembering of her life prior the crash, R-C33 rose in the ranks of the scavenger faction fueled by an inexplicable and insane hate against Unicron and the Decepticons.

She defied Wreck-Gar’s position as leader – making him his second-in-command and favorite ride – united the tribes, and unleashed her army upon the known universe. Each fallen robot, being it an Autobot or Decepticon, was quickly turned into a junkion, willinggly or not.


There are no more Autobots nor Decepticons, just the Junkion Horde and his Queen of Wrecks.


And now they are looking for their ultimate prize: a robot of the size of a planet and reduce him into a pile of trash!


HER pile of trash.