First, we’d like to thank you all who keep checking out our little corner on the internets, you that keep enjoying and commenting and sharing all of our artworks. All of you that collaborate with us, all of you that give us a like, a reblog, a retweet, a cheer, whatever – you that keep spreading our name. All of you that signed up for a membership in sluttish, all of you that support us on patreon. You that post our artworks in the places we’re not acknowledged. You that check up our streams, and you that arrives there one minute after it’s finished (thank you for remembering us!).

We say this with all of our heart(s): thank you!

Krash.Zone exists since April 2015, but we’ve been pushing it up hard forward since last July, and, man, it has been a blast!

God forbid us, but we’re proud of it. Proud of the content. Proud of the pacing. And we’re proud of having you coming back. Thats the greatest praise an artist can have.

Thank you again. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.


(Oh! The girls in the pic are just one of the same: our little kinky baby Trashy – for the good boys, who deserve some lewds on their lives – and not-ours Emma – for the bad boys, who can teach her a lesson or two!) 😉