Because Moral Degeneration doesn’t mean just to turn a girl into a slut, no, no, no – it’s s a little more than that.

Take Lisa, for example:

Model student, smart, very intelligent – now turned into a gym junkie and a school dropout. Dumbed down due so many steroids and drugs she pumped in to get fast where she wanted to be. Strong as a bull, dumb as an ox, horny as fuck – now that’s moral degeneration, for you


“It started off so innocently too. While she was dating Milhouse, he scoffed that she couldn’t bench as much as him. She took that as a challenge and started working out. She did her research, investigating healthy means of muscle growth, and quickly developed a much fitter physique. Unfortunately, Milhouse, desperate to stay ahead of his girlfriend, redoubled his efforts, and pulled ahead.

Lisa, rather than doing the sensible thing and giving up, turned to less ethical methods. Black market hormone cocktails helped her body develop muscles faster than safely possible. Unfortunately, it also affected her brain chemistry, impacting her higher thought processes and heightening her libido.

Her GPA dropped, her scholarship was suspended, and finally she was expelled when she was discovered fucking her History professor for a passing grade.

She quickly became a fixture at the shady 24-hour gym after she got evicted. Once she’d sucked the owner’s dick, she was allowed to stay as long as she liked. She started to get a reputation around the neighborhood. “Loose Lisa,” they called her, though she was anything but. Her pussy muscles were as strong and tight as the rest of her body.

Milhouse still lets her sleep at his place when she can’t find a hookup. He still feels a little responsible for her. She even tosses him a pity fuck now and then.

If you’re ever in Springfield looking for a good time, ask around. Someone might just direct you to a grungy gym on the wrong side of the tracks. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a buff spiky-haired blonde with a pearl necklace and a hungry glint in her eye. And if you’ve got the cash or the pills, she might just give you a night to remember… in the Krash Zone.”

– story by Mercury01