Trick or treat? More like “Give us money or we’ll trash your place!”

Girls are hardcore nowadays. 🙂

… ok, enough pleasantries. For almost six months the site hasn’t been updated. The same works for our paid website, sluttish. Only our patreon keeps running, and barely.


The thing is, there’s a balance between commissions and “things we do for ourselves”, meaning things we do that we think will please everyone who check us. So whenever you see a fanart of Korra, a comic featuring Wonder Woman doing nasty stuff, or even our own characters being lewd, these are things we ‘do for ourselves’.

In the other hand there are commissions, and these are tricky. Sometimes we’re very pretty lucky and someone ask us to do a fanart, sometimes we get REALLY lucky and somebody ask us to do our own characters, but most of the time the commissions are about their own characters, and despite sometimes they look great, and some of our favorite pieces in an year end up being commissions of original characters. Commissions are like closed parties, where very few people enjoy it fully.

In an ideal world we would be able to make ends meet just by the site and patreon, and we would be rolling on pics and comics and series everybody would enjoy. And a commission here and there to boost things sometimes. Many artist we admire do it – so, seems something achievable. Problem is, we’re not making enough from those places, so we end relying in commissions more and more – and the more commissions we do, more pics of ‘strict enjoyment’ we end up with.

And with less pics of ‘general enjoyment’, the less people get interested. Less views, and less content for the sites. We even fell less compelled to share them. You can see the vicious circle here. Unappealing artworks, leading to less views, leading to less subscriptions and patrons, leading us to depend more and more on commissions.


Years ago, more than a decade ago, we felt that being behind a paywall was hurting us. To be behind a paywall means less people knowing us – and for an artist that means death. Many people started to know us years after we had started to work with this kind of content. And this situation make us feel like we are back to those times. People don’t feel interested on what we do because we don’t do anything that interest them.

Well, that’s me – us – venting. There’s no solution to this problem on this side. We can only rolling on commissions and hope more people go to our patreon and help us there. Again, in an ideal world we would make ends meet just on patreon, and post everything we do here, free and openly.


So, the Backlog. This was something I posted as an answer in a previous post. The backlog contains around 80 pics we never posted here. Some were on patreon, and most of them are commissions. I will post them all, before the end of the year, with a bit of luck. And for the next year, we’ll see how things go.

But please, remember that you can help us too. If you can, go to our patreon and help us to keep the skanks well fed. Throw it a dollar or two – really, we rather have, dunno, a thousand people donating one dollar per month than a hundred giving ten dollars each. This may mean more content towards things you would like to see here.

Anyway, thats it. If you have any comment, please feel free to do so. Have a great Halloweeen.


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