Frat Whores

by Sailor Io


The game room of Kappa Omega Kappa was filled with whoops and hollers as Raven chugged down her seventh beer. Her head buzzed pleasantly as she crumpled the plastic cup and tossed it aside. She stifled a belch and looked around. Starfire was currently spit roasted between two frat boys, her mouth and cunt stuffed full of thick cock as they pistoned her body back and forth. Her tits hung out of her sports bra like a pair of cow udders, swaying with her body’s motions. How she still had her bra and panties on Raven didn’t know.

She had no idea where her own clothes were, she still had her boots and some remaining fishnet stockings, but little else, her make-up was running, and she didn’t even bother reading the magic marker graffiti covering her exposed skin. Her ashen skin was stained with male fluids that had long since gotten cold. She hated that, cum felt so nice on her skin when it was hot! She turned back to look at Starfire just as one frat boy came in her mouth. It must’ve been a big load too as most of it shot out the redheads’ nostrils!

Such a wasteful girl! Was all Raven could think as she awkwardly walked over to the girl just as the KOK brother pulled away. Starfire didn’t even cough as she thanked the young man.

“Friend Raven, this cock house is indeed a wonderful place!” she said when she saw Raven walking over, “So many virile men with such thick spenchmeick!”

“Just say cum Starfire, like every other whore…” Raven told her before she pulled the girls face against her in a deep and lewd kiss. More of the frat boy’s cheers at the lesi-kiss, but Raven just wanted to taste the fresh cum in her friends’ mouth. She hungrily sucked on the other teens tongue, lapping up every drop she could before licking it from all over her face! So delicious!

“Fucking dyke whores, god I love KOK House!” said one of the other boys.

“Dykes…my…ass!!!” grunted the frat boy still fucking Starfire from behind, his fat belly flopping against her toned orange ass as he came inside her. Panting, he pulled out of her, the condom he wore dropping with cum. Starfire quickly whirled about, snatching the condom off the man’s dick, making him yelp like a bitch. Without missing a beat, Starfire upended the condoms contents into her mouth, making a show of swirling it around in her mouth before swallowing with an audible gulp.

Starfire tossed the condom aside and reveled in the cheers of the other men in the room before she was handed another beer served in a red plastic cup. As Starfire took a few sips, Raven turned to look at one head of the house. He was one of the older guys, with a scruffy beard and a sloppy haircut.

“So, we get another night or what?” she asked. This had been their ‘home’ for the better part of the week. They’d let any and all comers fuck them and in exchange get a nights worth of room and board. It had started with just a few of the senior brothers, but quickly turned to all out gang-bangs! Not that Raven minded, she loved getting fucked in both her ass and cunt at the same time.

“Hmmmm, not yet. It’s been fun fucking your cheap ass, but I think my brothers and I have earned some more visual entertainment.” said the frat leader, he then raised his voice so all could hear, “Whatdoya say guys, how’s about some nice dyke cunt grinding!?”

The cheers that came after were all the answer that Raven needed.

“Friend Raven, what is Dyke cunt grinding?”

Raven rolled her red eyes. “Just follow me you cum slut.” she told her before leaded her over to the pool table. The redhead followed like a lost puppy and Raven got her up on the table. “Like this,” she told her as she positioned their legs, rubbing her still dripping pussy against the other girls.

“Oh yes, my sister and I did this much when we were younger!” Starfire confessed, taking another swig of her beer as she began rolling her hips against Ravens. The dark haired teen let out a low moan as the men cheered and yelled obscenities at them. Raven didn’t care, it felt good and she began moaning louder. Starfires cunt was hot and still leaking cum from the boys not bothering with condoms. She grabbed the other girls’ leg and thigh, gyrating her cunt against her even faster as one of the boys wrote something just above her shaved cunt with another magic marker. Others made no attempt to hide themselves as they jerked off while the watched. Raven moaned as her tits jiggled and wobbled as they moved against one another. A glance down showed Starfire trading a blowjob for another refill of beer, her throat bulging slightly with the length of the man’s dick.

All around them the fraternity cheered and yelled, several of them walked over to the edge of the pool table, their hands furiously pumping their dicks. Raven screamed in pleasure as the first man sprayed cum all over her big tits, face, and hair. It was so hot and stunk so much it made her head swim.

She loved it!!!

Two more men unloaded themselves all over Starfire, the sticky white stuff flowing down between her breasts and forever staining her sports bra. One of them held up a camera and Raven smiled, looking directly at it, still grinding herself against Starfires pussy. The redhead looked at the camera as well, holding her drink aloft and showing off her tongue piercing as the camera flashed.