“Doesn’t she look familiar to you?” The guy in the ballcap elbowed his friend and pointed across the street.

“I don’t know, she looks like a slut though.”


Emma had been leaning there against the streetlight smoking a cig when she caught sight of the pair of guys staring at her. She dropped it to the ground and ground it out beneath the toe of her stripper heels she wore and motioned for them to come on over. The stunning actress was barely recognizable as she was now which was why there was such confusion between the pair. The gaudy pink tubetop she wore clung tightly to her perky chest and revealed copious portions of her smooth young flesh. Her tiny black micro-miniskirt did little more to cover her as well. Her legs were clad in a ratty torn up pair of fishnets and altogether that made up the entirety of her wardrobe. There was no mistaking it for anything other than the uniform of a streetwalker as she beckoned them to her.


They approached and she greeted them with a lewd smile as she blatantly stared at their crotches and licked her lips. “Five bucks for the two of you. We can do it in the alley right here. I might have not charged you but I need cig money. What’d ya say?” Before she had even finished a fiver was being brandished her way. She strutted into the alleyway, her black panties flashing with each step as her skirt rode up her ass. Her heels clicked on the pavement.

“Fuck yeah! Get those cocks out you fuckers! I want to suck the jizz right out of your balls!” She crouched down on her heels, thighs spread widely to either side as they whipped out their cocks. Immediately she dove on the first one to be shoved in her face. Lewd sloppy slurping sounds escaped her lips as she sucked and throated his dick, holstering the entire length down her gullet. Without missing a beat she dived on the other one slipping her hand around the first spit coated length while she swapped cocks.


Back and forth she went swallowing one pole then the other, in a frantic desperate attempt to get them to spill their cum out across her tongue, seemingly as quickly as possible. Within minutes the both of them were on the ropes. Her aggressive vigorous cock-sucking was not to be denied. Their balls churned and ached with a need for release. Suddenly Emma got a mouthful as one of them blasted out a hot thick gout of spunk across her tongue. At the very same moment his friend unloaded his virile white hot seed across her pretty slut face.

Jet after jet was dispensed down her throat while her face was pasted white with the other’s gooey cum. Strands of his jizm clung between her long mascara clad eyelashes and there was barely a spot on her face that wasn’t coated with cock cream. Pulling back off the cock in her mouth she revealed a mouthful of stored nut which she promptly swallowed down. Then she let out a lewd cum burp, bubbles of semen blowing out of her nostrils as she gave them an obscene grin.


“Holy fuck do I love cum! Can you get some other guys out here? I want you bastards to run a train on me till my pussy and ass are as messy as my slutty fucking face!”

“Sure thing bitch. Let me make a call. We’re gonna have a good ol time tonight.” With that he proceeded to reach into his pocket and grab his phone. It was time to ring up the boys.