The Little Suckdick Girl

                                       – by Scottius


The lonely streetlight on the corner flickered a couple of times but didn’t burn out. It wasn’t located in a very nice neighborhood, with trash littering the nearby alley and the sides of the street. It wasn’t the kind of place a good girl hung out if she had a choice. Elsa didn’t have a choice. Of course she wasn’t a good girl either.

The blonde was sexy, albeit in a very trashy way. Leaning up against the light pole she was dressed like she might be more suited to hanging off of another kind of pole. Her pure blonde hair was fixed in a thick braided ponytail which hung over her right shoulder. The skimpy black tank top she wore didn’t cover much revealing a copious amount of cleavage as well as leaving her shoulders and midriff bare to boot. Her erect nipples were visibly poking through the thin material of the top. A pair of jean shorts were cut off so short they barely covered her crotch and let the upper portion of her ass stick out of them. The strings of her purple thong emerged out of the shorts up over her curvy hips. Tucked into one of the strings were a couple of wrinkled singles. Her legs were bare to mid-thigh where she had on a pair of long blue stockings torn to pieces. Completing her streetwalker uniform was a pair of platform-heeled kicks which boosted her height and whose high heels helped make her curves stick out that extra bit where it counted.

On the ground at her feet was a simple cigar box partially filled with change and a few crumpled bills. Scattered around it were numerous burnt out and discarded match-sticks littering the ground. Elsa leaned against the light pole with a lit cigarette hanging off her lip and one thumb tucked into the front of her tiny shorts. She kept eyeing the street for fresh meat as she puffed on her smoke. Then the door to the bar across the street swung open and out stepped a man. Elsa watched him cross in her direction, not yet paying the slutty girl any mind. Grabbing the pole with one hand she swung around to face him.

“Hey stud, want to buy a match?” She flicked open a matchbook retrieved from her pocket, revealing it to be half empty.

“I don’t smoke.” He was eyeing her tits now that she had caught his eye.

“Baby, if you buy a match you won’t be the one sticking something in your mouth if you catch my drift.” Elsa removed her cigarette and sucked on her finger seductively.

He dug into his pockets and pulled out a couple of bucks. “This be enough?”

“It’ll do.” Elsa took the cash and crouched down to deposit it in her till. With her back turned he could see the tramp stamp emblazoned across her lower back. It read ‘Frost My Ass’.

“Cheap slut aren’t ya?” He was already thinking about those full lips of her wrapped around his dick.

“Got to sell enough matchsticks to keep myself supplied with snow. Enough banter big boy, surely you can think of something better I could be using my mouth for.” She removed a match stick from the book and struck it on the heel of her shoe. It flickered then flamed to life. The man took the match stick, not quite sure what it meant but held it anyways as she eagerly worked at his pants and slid a half erect cock out.

Elsa stuck out her tongue and began to slap the thick meaty prick across it. She cast her big blue eyes up to look at him as she tasted his dirty sweaty cock. It grew to full size as she brought it down first on her tongue then slapped it all over her face. Globs of precum clung to her skin as she rubbed his tip over her face and lips. Her hand slipped up and down his length as she egged him on. Then she parted her lips and began to hungrily suck on his cock-head as her tongue lapped up the precum it leaked.

“Come on slut, show me those titties while you suck my dick!” Elsa grunted her approval as she grabbed the front of her tank top and tugged it downwards. Her voluptuous tits popped out of the top jiggling and bouncing as they broke free. He reached down and began to grope her chest with his free hand, giving her nipples a good squeeze and feeling the weight of her funbags while she sucked on his knob. Elsa started to dive deeper taking more of his cock into her mouth. From the angle she was working him over he could see her cheek poking outwards like some kind of chipmunk as his dick pressed against the inside of her mouth. All the while her tongue was working up and down his shaft and most especially around the head.

As she knelt there, new holes already forming in her stockings from the rough concrete beneath her, wet sucking and slurping sounds escaped from her lips. She bobbed her head up and down on his cock, lewdly slobbering all over his pecker. Pulling back for a second she flicked the tip making it bob up before wetly slapping against her face and falling across one of her eyes. “Fuck! I love a hard wet dick on my face! Even better in my throat!” She gripped his shaft and shoved it back into her open mouth. This time she took it straight on feeling his long hard prick tease her tonsils on its trip to her tight little throat.

“Fuck yes! Deepthroat that shit you slutty little cumbucket!” His free hand gripped the back of her head atop her golden hair and he pulled her down, though Elsa needed no help when it came to throating a dick. She was a natural born cock-sucking whore. Wet clicking sounds escaped around his shaft as she worked his whole impressive length down her esophagus. He pounded her throat hard and fast and her eyes never left his the entire time.

Within moments she had him at his peak with her sluttish talent for cock-swallowing. The only warning he was about to cum down her throat was when his hand tensed in her hair at the same time as his prick twitched in her throat. Then a hot spurt of semen shot down her gullet and Elsa let out a whorish moan at the feel of jizz coating her throat. He was still spurting spunk out into her mouth as he pulled back and the salty taste coated her tongue as she swirled it about. Strings of sticky semen sprayed out across her face as his cock pulled free from her lips. She shouted lewdly. “Let it go! Let it go all over my slutty whore face!” Elsa gripped his shaft and helped guide him to deposit the rest of his load aiming it at her face then her tits till both were coated with thick white gouts of jizz that dripped down slowly across her skin. She loved the taste and feel of cum. Having it all over her skin like this almost made her glow.

As she licked off the last droplets of seed from his tip and swished them around her mouth he noticed that the match flickered its last and burnt out leaving a thing plume of smoke rising from it. He put two and two together and realized she had known she could get him to bust his nut by the time the match burnt out. He let it join the others littering the ground around her. A group of three had exited the bar and were now loitering there waiting for their turn.

Elsa gathered some of the sticky cum up off her tits and made strings with it between her fingers. As she played with the gooey spunk she turned to her new clients. As the first man walked away she opened up her book of matches.

“Buy a match? If you do I promise the thing I blow won’t be your match out.”