BBC Junkie

                                       – by Scottius

This is a work of erotic fan-fiction aka smutty porn. It is entirely a work of parody. I do not own or claim ownership of or make any profit off of any of the characters or other elements contained within the story. This work is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic adult content including strong language, degradation, humiliation, and a focus on interracial and racially charged content. If such material offends you then please do not continue. No harm is intended towards the celebrities portrayed within and I do not personally know Emma Watson.

Author’s Notes : Emma Watson is already appearing in my ongoing tale The Second Circle and her adventures in submission will continue there as well but I was inspired to do another scenario featuring her recently and thus here we are. I’ve flirted with interracial scenarios once or twice previously however this story is fully committed to interracial and raceplay themes. This author does not condone real life racism and it is only used in parody and for purposes of titillation in this story. That said, if this type of thing offends you please do not continue reading. If you’re still with me after that then thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy.

A break in filming her latest movie had left actress Emma Watson with a week to kill in the city of Chicago. It had only taken a couple of days before she had found herself getting bored with the press events and other typical celeb shit her press agent had set up for her. Finally she had had enough and had slipped away from all the security, staff, and press to make a break for it to find some fun on the town all alone. This was how she had wound up at the club named Triple X down in the south side of town. The cabbie had asked if she was sure when he stopped to let her out and Emma had realized upon entering the club why. Looking around she guessed she was the only white person in the entire building.

Never before had the young brit been alone while surrounded by so many people of color. This didn’t stop her from immediately starting to enjoy herself however. A hot little tart like her found no shortage of free shots at the bar in between bouts of hitting the dance floor and dancing with dark skinned men and women alike. By the time she staggered towards the exit to get some air she had long since crossed over that fine line between tipsy and tanked.

Exiting the club through a rear door Emma found herself in a back alley lit by a lone dim lightbulb that flickered like it might go at any time. The illumination revealed a trio of blacks standing about fifteen feet away down the alley who all seemed to be smoking from the cloud hovering around them. A lazy drunken grin lit up across her pretty face as she realized that a smoke sounded positively delightful about now. If she was lucky she might even score a joint she thought as she willed her drunken ass onward towards them. As she got closer she announced her presence, her British accent slurred heavily as she spoke.

“Sup my niggaz!” She giggled drunkenly. “Can a girl bum a smoke?”

A sober Emma Watson would never have made the mistake she had just made. The copious amount of booze she had downed combined with the experience of spending several hours dancing to rap music and hearing how freely everyone had addressed each other using the slur had had an effect on her.

“Da fuck did she just say?”

The trio turned to see the sexy actress wobbling on her high heels. Her slightly longer than shoulder length silky brown hair was down hanging over her shoulders. Her pretty face shined with sweat and her eyes had a drunk glaze about them. Her petite body was clad in a revealing number that showed off her feminine curves and wickedly sexy form. The top was like a golden crop/tank top with spaghetti straps over her otherwise bare shoulders. A tight black micro-mini skirt hugged her hips and revealed her long shapely legs down to the strappy black stiletto heels she was wearing. The skirt and top were connected by a gold metal ring which linked a flap from the top and the skirt. She had managed to get away without needing a bra which combined with the cool air in the alleyway had her nipples poking nearly through the black fabric. All in all she revealed copious amounts of skin including a generous helping of her delightful cleavage as well as most of her midriff.

“Fucking skinny ass white bitch! Think you can come down here ‘n talk shit in my hood!”

The situation hadn’t quite made its way through the haze to the drunken starlet. She just looked at them mutely waiting to hear if she could get a smoke. She noticed that two of them were a deep shade of brown and the third had skin as black as tar. The tight white a shirts they wore revealed muscular cut bodies. They obviously took care of themselves. Their baggy shorts were the type worn to play basketball. Emma thought to herself that they were kind of attractive in a thuggish way, though she had never thought about being with a black man before. They turned towards her.

“Damn, I must have missed the announcement. Must be white bitch day!” Their raised voices and aggressive posturing as they turned on her finally penetrated their way into Emma’s drunken brain. She thought hard about what she had said. What could have made them so pissed at her? Then she realized what she had called them.

“Oh. I’m so sorry! I would never call you niggers. Wait! That came out wrong. Look I was just trying to ask if I could get a smoke!” Her words were slurred and nothing would come out quite the way she meant it. To make matters worse she let out a nervous giggle as she tried to explain herself. That didn’t help at all.

“Motherfuck! You just did it again! The only thing you gonna be smoking is my pole ‘for I get medieval on your ass!”

He had meant to intimidate her but as the trio black men looked Emma over a bit more the sight of her hot body in the slutty outfit looked more appealing by the second. Drunken little miss Watson had become scared enough that she could feel her knees start to shake. She thought she might piss herself right there in the alley when her mind pieced together what he had just said. Without even thinking about it she got down on the ground. She could feel her knees immediately dirtied as she knelt on the cool hard ground of the alley.

“Ok! Ok!” As Emma rested on her knees, quite prepared to suck off three strange black men to make up for her drunken racial slurs she rested a hand just above each of her knees and glanced up at them with her seductive brown eyes. Her breath caught as she realized just how much bigger they were than her. They had been big enough before she found herself down submissively on her knees.

“Now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout! Little white ho knows her place.” It wasn’t so much that he was expecting her to actually get down on her knees as much as a quick reaction to the turn of events. One of the two with the deep brown skin jumped to be first and in a single fluid motion he was both in front of the kneeling starlet and had his shorts and boxers down around his Jordans.

Emma’s eyes went wide with pure shock as she saw her first ever big black dick. Calling it big almost didn’t cut it. It was motherfucking huge! Her eyes crossed as they traveled from the base where a big black pair of balls hung beneath it down the thick shaft all the way to the tip which glistened in the low light of the alley. Though she had seen a few cocks before nothing could have prepared her for this revelation. Her lips parted and she actually licked them subconsciously as her drunken brain tried to work itself around the sight. It was as thick around as her forearm! Almost as long as well. If she was a bit less tanked she might have thought about how she was about to choke down the gangsta’s meat python but instead she just sat there slack jawed.

“Damn. Girl ain’t never seen no nigga dick before! Come on slut, get a good look.” He gripped his cock with one hand and slapped it against her cheek. Her eyes kept following it as he rubbed his cock up against her face. Heavy black balls rubbed against her throat as he pressed himself against her cute little face. Emma realized she was holding her breath as the cock slipped down closer to her mouth. She breathed once more before it pressed against her soft pink lips and she opened them further to allow the massive girth inside. Her tongue immediately found the tip and began to lick at it tasting a combination of his natural male essence with a salty sweaty flavor. It was intoxicating, even more so to her as drunk as she was.

“Yeah. That’s it. Taste your first big black dick.” Emma began to bob her head back and forth a bit taking more of his meat stick into her mouth. It already filled most of her mouth as she sucked him off and she could see she didn’t have all that much inside her yet.

“Come on baby. You know you want to suck that cum right outta there.” He gripped the back of her head, his large powerful hand gripping tight in her hair as he pushed her down further on his cock. As his fat black length vanished into her mouth he could feel the back of her throat where his tip rubbed against it. Emma gagged and coughed around the massive tool engorged in her mouth. She recovered quickly however and got accustomed to the feeling of her esophagus stretching as he face fucked her. Even with his grip on her head and humping with his hips he wasn’t quite able to get the whole cock down her throat. Emma’s eyes rolled back as her head bobbed up and down on the titanic fuckstick. When he finally pulled back she drug in a deep breath as her throat was no longer blocked with cock.

“Train your ass a bit and you’ll be a regular nigga-dick sucking whore. Now swallow this nut, slut.” The tip of his cock was still in her mouth as he jerked himself off till suddenly he erupted. A geyser of hot cum, as thick and white as his dick was thick and black, shot out into her mouth. Emma found this taste immediately pleasing as it swirled and churned in her mouth and all across her tongue. It was so much cum it filled up her mouth and as he pulled out from between her lips she looked up at him with her mouth agape full of his bubbling seed. Kneading his dick between his fingers he pushed out the last droplets of jizz into her open mouth.

“Mmmm. That’s the shit. Now swallow all that nigga juice.” Emma nodded obediently. As she closed her lips to comply a little trickle of seed spilled out over her lower lip and down her chin. As she swallowed his hot cum down into her tummy she brought a hand up to scoop up the little bit that had escaped. Opening her mouth again she stuck her finger inside and suckled it seductively as she lapped up the last of the spunk. Emma found herself moving from a frightened compliance to an active participant though she was still too tipsy to realize the change consciously.

While her attention had been distracted by having her throat stretched out the other deep brown-skinned one had circled around behind her. She became aware of his presence when she felt his hands on her shoulders. Then she felt something else poke against the back of her head and she knew exactly what that was. The spent man had stepped away for the moment as his friend moved in to take a turn.

“Stand your fine ass up.” Emma nodded and though she did it wobbily she managed to get up, her back still towards him. His large powerful hands slipped down her shoulders. One came to rest on one of her hips while the other pressed against the bare flesh of her back. He pushed her forward while keeping her in place with the hand on her hip. Emma bent over at the waist under his direction. The already tight black skirt was stretched as taut as possible across her ass revealing every curve of her tight sexy ass. The skirt’s hem pulled upwards in the back revealing the crotch of the black panties she wore. Now he placed his dark hands on the soft pale flesh of the back of her thighs. This sensation had a powerful effect on her and she threw her head back, her long hair flipping across to one side as she gasped at the intimate touch. She understood and spread her legs readily which made her skirt slip up a bit higher. She bit her lip and stifled a moan when she felt his fingers slide under the hem of her skirt and into the waistline of her panties.

With a single action he tugged them down around mid-thigh then crouched to get a look at the actress’ pussy. The tight curve of her ass stuck out from the bottom of the tautly stretched skirt. Then there was her clean shaven snatch, exposed to the air now that her panties were down around her legs. The soft folds of her cunt were already dripping wet with arousal.

“You can’t wait to get some big ol nigga dick can ya?” He pressed his face up against her crotch and his thick tongue shot out to tease her wet twat. As he licked up her cunt juice Emma quite biting her lip and let out a sensuous moan. He dug in really lapping at her cunt and making her knees shake once more as pleasure ripped through her body. He had her on the verge of orgasm within moments though he didn’t push her over that edge just yet. Emma put her hands on her knees trying to stay upright as she got her pussy eaten like she’d never experienced before. Bent over as she was she glanced back between her ankles and saw his massive tool was just as big as his friends. It was too much! She needed it. To feel the real thing inside her. Right the fuck now!

“Oh god! Fucking wreck my little white pussy with that BIG BLACK DICK!!!” The tongue immediately stopped teasing her sex which was an agony all its own but it was a necessary evil to comply with her demand. Emma watched him rise, still looking between her spread knees at his titanic cock as it bobbed up and down as he got up. She let out the most sluttish moan she had ever unleashed as she felt the tip of his member ply against her soft wet snatch. Her every nerve was on full alert as she tried to mentally prepare herself. She could feel the fabric of her top, slightly scratchy against her erect nipples. She could feel the way his strong fingers gripped both of her hips as he prepared to claim her cunt.

Holding her in place he pushed towards her with his hips and drove it in. Emma’s pussy spread around the gigantic tool, helped by the pussy juices now coating her sex. The effect was immediate. Like a key sliding into a lock it was made for Emma turned. She came hard, the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt overcame her and pussy juices shot out from her coating her thighs, his legs, and the ground below. He was only barely halfway in as he felt her come. Pushing onward he slipped his cock even deeper inside. Something snapped inside her. It reached in and touched places that no toy, no finger, and certainly no lesser cock ever had. She knew now that only a huge black cock could ever truly satisfy her.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Mmmmm…” Emma let out a mewling series of moans as she felt him begin to rock back and forth driving his cock in and out of her stretched pussy. His heavy balls were slapping noisily against her crotch and the backs of her thighs as he drove almost his entire gargantuan shaft inside with each new thrust.

“Yeah, that’s right. You just needed a taste didn’t cha. Now you can’t get enough.” He picked up his speed slamming his cock in even faster and driving all the way to the hilt with each new thrust.

“Oh shit! Fuck me with that great big nigger dick!” She felt his hands move from her hips to grab her ass as he banged her ever harder. Each new thrust caressed her innermost spots with the pleasure of being touched by his big black dick. She had lost track of her orgasm. Emma wasn’t sure if it was one extended climax or a series of them each close on the last. Nearly shut heavily pleasure lidded eyes glanced up from watching between her legs to see the third man now standing in front of her. His night black skin extended all the way down to his own mammoth throbbing cock which pointed right at her pretty face. Emma licked her lips as she eyed the cock hungrily.

“I need it! Can I taste your dick?”

“Shit bitch! You damn straight you be sucking my mothefucking dick!” He grinned at her as she reached out with both hands to take hold of it. One hand gently caressed his large balls feeling the sperm holders in her soft hand. The other gripped his giant member around the base, though she couldn’t get her fingers all the way around its ridiculous circumference. With a grip on his cock she began to tap it up and down on her tongue which was lewdly outstretched to receive it. She looked up into his eyes as she worshipped his black manhood with her mouth.

She was still getting pounded from behind as she lapped at the cock of the other man. Each thrust inside her made her perky tits jiggle in the tight dress she wore and made her rock back and forth on her high heels. She managed to work around the motion as she licked her way down the cock she was sucking however. She could feel the hard throbbing cock coated with her saliva as it rubbed and slapped against her face as she worked all the way down to the balls with her tongue slip sliding across the surface. She couldn’t fit both of the orbs in her mouth at once so she sucked one of the midnight black testicles into her mouth to suckle it before alternating to the other. While she sucked his ballsack in her mouth both of her hands travelled up and down the length of his dick together stroking him off.

The combo blowjob handjob had him coming in no time. She was still swallowing one of his nuts while stroking him off when he erupted a hot torrent of jizz which sprayed up in the air and rained back down all over Emma’s face. Thick gooey white cum landed in her hair instantly sticking to it. Feeling the hot jizsm in her hair and on her skin delighted her and she never took her eyes off him showing just how much she thrilled at receiving his facial blast. Streaks of seed spilled down across her forehead and got caught in her eyelashes while still more of the cum ran down the length of her cute little nose. She released a saliva coated testicle from her lips and ran her tongue along the underside of his cock till she was lapping at the tip as he pushed the last drops of hot semen out into her open mouth. As she savored the taste of cum again her eyes fluttered in orgasmic delight. Then she looked back towards the one still fucking her from behind.

“Fuck me with that big black cock! I want to feel that nigger cum fill my pussy!” Seeing the hot little white girl with her face covered in cum and feeling her tight snatch wrapping around his dick each time he thrust inside her he wanted the exact same thing. Still humping wildly he grunted as he let it go and came inside her. Emma could immediately feel it as a tidal wave of virile hot seed shot out into her unprotected cunt. The heavy thrusting as he shot his load into her meant cum was being pumped out straight into womb one moment and messily slopping out of her onto their thighs and the ground the next.

“Aw shit. Maybe I’ll make you my baby mamma. Knock your ass up with a black bun in dat oven.” He slowed his thrusting as he continued to pour even more cum out inside the actress. Feeling his hot seed simmering in her cunt Emma’s eyes rolled up as he milked the last of his load out inside her.

“Damn son. Now dat’s how you fuck a bitch!” He pulled his cock out of her, a string of pearly white cum clung to his tip, the other end still connected to her cunt. More of his jizz oozed out of her stretched twat which still gaped wide open after the pounding it had taken. He reached out a hand and gripped one of Emma’s wrists. Pulling her back upright she could feel his hard muscular chest against her back. Now his still mostly erect cock rubbed against her ass and poked her in the small of her back. He reached out and placed a hand gently yet firmly around her throat as he ground against her from behind. She breathed heavily, still overcome by the intensity of it all.

“Yeah, you liked that didn’t ya.”

“Uh huh.” She nodded her head lightly as she agreed.

“Fuck man! I’m still good to go. Know what I’m saying!” This was the one who had throatfucked her first. He had his huge black dick in one hand, still erect and throbbing.

“Let’s get over to the car. We can bang there.” Emma was drug behind as the man behind her let go of her neck and pulled her by the hand. Her panties were down around her knees as she stumbled along in her high heels. The car he spoke of was further in towards the back of the alley. It turned out to be a blue convertible. The top was down and it shined with blingy chrome and fancy rims in the limited light in the alleyway.

“Come here girl. Come sit on daddy’s lap.” He patted his bare knee as he took a seat on the trunk of the car. Emma felt the other man let go of her hand as she moved towards him. Standing in front of him she wiggled her legs letting her panties fall down around her feet so she could step out of them. Turning her back to him she reached down on either side and took hold of her skirt. Inch by inch she began to tug the taut black fabric up revealing her gloriously tight little ass. Arcing her back a bit she stuck it out towards him as she hiked her skirt till it formed a loop of fabric more like a belt around her hips than a skirt. Stepping backwards to the car she pushed herself up onto the cool metal of the trunk before sliding up the rest of the way onto his lap. She could feel that monster fuck-stick pressing up against the crack of her ass. She began to grind up and down his pole feeling his member twitch as she rubbed up on it. While she did this she turned her head showing her face still streaked with cum. She gave him the sexiest ‘fuck me’ face she knew, complete with fluttering eyes, licking then biting her lip, and stretching her neck ever so slightly.

His hands cupped her ass cheeks as he drug his cock down along the length of her crack. Spreading her ass he put the tip of his monster sized member against her puckered asshole. Emma let out a satisfied little whine as she felt him split her brown eye open and begin to slip inside. It was an even tighter fit than her pussy had been though the amount of saliva still coating his cock from when she had throatfucked him helped ease him in. Emma kept looking back at him as she felt his cock impale her asshole. With her feet on the trunk of the car she used her legs and hips to help, moving up and down as he began to drill out her anus with his long hard cock. While she enjoyed the odd yet pleasurable sensation of having her ass stretched out on a big black cock Emma turned back to the other two men and looked at them lustily.

“Who’s gonna fuck my tight little pussy while your friend’s in my asshole?” As she spoke she spread her legs wide and held them up in the air. Her hands slid up her legs till she was holding her ankles while she bounced up and down on the cock of the man below her. The one with the coal black skin who had plastered her face with his seed clambered up first. The car bounced a bit as he added his weight to that upon the rear suspension. There was already plenty of bouncing going on as Emma rocked up and down in the lap of the one fucking her ass. Finally that delicious huge tar black cock she had slobbered all over earlier was pressing against up against her. With a grunt he speared her on his cock shoving it deep up inside her. Emma came on the spot as she felt two equally huge black cocks thrust up inside her holes.

“Oh shit! Stretch those tight holes out with those big fat nigger dicks! Fucking wreck me!” Emma just held on tight to her legs as she was sandwiched between the two hard-bodied men. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw yet another cock. The third man had gotten into the back seat of the car and now his huge cock hung in front of her face ready to be sucked. She looked up at him, her perfect cum glazed face lit up with the pleasure of her ongoing orgasm and opened her mouth wide, sticking her tongue out as she did so. He slapped his cock-head against her outstretched tongue several times before it came to rest upon it. Immediately Emma began to obediently lick around the head of his cock tasting her own pussy juices from before as she pleasured him. Her head bobbed up and down taking in some of his length as she was triple fucked by the beefy black dudes. While she swallowed his pole he reached down and gripped the golden top portion of her dress. He tugged the shoulder straps down around her arms and pulled the top down until her perky young breasts popped out of the top. Then while she bobbed her head up and down sucking his dick he fondled her perfect handful sized tits and teased her pink erect nipples.

For several minutes Emma was in heaven as she was taken from all sides. She alternated from choking down the cock in her mouth full on deepthroat style to licking his big black balls as his sloppy spit shined cock slapped wetly across her face. All at the same time as she was dp’d continuously and leaking her girl cum all over the place. Then at almost the same time the two tag teaming her asshole and cunt let out deep grunts and loads of hot cum. A still orgasming Emma let out a muffled moan around the dick still in her mouth as she felt hot seed splash into her ass and pussy alike. For the second time that night a black man flooded her unprotected cunt with his seed so that it was now swimming all about up in her womb. Then she felt the bubbling thick goopy mess of semen splashing around in her anal cavity and she let the cock in her mouth slip out as a big grin of ultimate satisfaction came over her face.

Emma didn’t want to leave the last one to come lingering. She grabbed his huge tool in her hands and began to stroke his slick wet cock with both hands while pointing it at her.

“Give me that hot cum! Fucking spray your little nigger dick loving whore all over with it!” She locked eyes with him as she egged him on to hose her. He just smiled, flashing pearly whites mixed with some gold which stood out against his dark skin. Then he gave her the gift she was asking for. Once again creamy white cum sprayed through the air. The first blast caught her full on in the face, wide eyed and open mouthed. She tasted it as some of his semen struck her tongue. More plastered across her chin and cheeks and sprayed past her face to mess her brown hair further. As his cock spasmed with release her grip slipped a bit and more cum shot out. This gout struck across her throat, chest, and shoulders. She could feel the hot seed spilling down her breasts and body and it felt so good on her skin. Taking firmer hold of his swaying member she placed it up against her pursed lips and let the last few spurts of seed fill her mouth. Once again she showed off her collected cum, playing with it using her tongue before she swallowed it all down. To wrap up she squeezed his cock from the base down by his balls all the way to the tip. She slowly licked up along the split at the end of his member collecting the last clinging droplets so she could swallow those down as well. Then she blew him a teasing kiss and licked her lips.

One by one they eased off the car. The men grabbed up their discarded clothing and tugged their shorts back on. Emma stood up and tugged her skirt back down though she could still feel cum trickling out down her thighs. Likewise even though she pulled her top back up to cover her breasts the copious cum all over her upper body and face was still evident. She scooped up a dollop of semen onto an index finger and stuck it in her mouth so she could savor their taste yet again.

“So, where are we going now?” Emma looked at the trio, ready for whatever debauched fun was to come next. They held a quick conference while she stood there sucking on her finger looking positively naughty.

“We can go to my cousin’s place.”

“That crackhead Daz?”

“I know he’s a crackhead. But I was just thinking. That Filipina bitch he’s shacking up with has the needles and shit. Does ink. We can get our new little slut tatted up.”

“Ooh I like that.” Emma agreed. With it settled upon they headed back to the car. While she settled into the back seat with her head on the lap of one of the men she spread her legs and began to tease her clit.

Up front one of them leaned over to the other.

“I keep thinking I like know her from somewhere.”

“You met this white bitch before? I think you’d remember.”

“No, not like that. Like on tv or some shit. I can’t remember.”

Daz’s Apartment
10 minutes later…

The four of them stood in the hallway of a rundown apartment building. It was definitely the least glamourous place Emma had been in some time. The white door with the peeling paint opened and standing there in a red jersey and a pair of tighty whities was Daz. He looked at the hot white girl still covered in cum and stared open mouthed.

“Don’t you motherfuckers know who she is? This is motherfucking Emma Watson. She was in those fucking Harry Potter movies.”

“That’s it! It was those motherfucking wizard movies. I knew it!”

“Shit, son. We done showed her some real magic wands tonight. Know what I’m saying.”

“Fuck. This gives me an idea. You know that nigga who does web shit right?”


“Throw me his digits in the morning. We gon’ make mad bank.”

The Internet – www emmawatson-bbcjunkie com
Three weeks later…

Upon visiting the site a video begins to play at the center of the screen. Emma Watson sits alone on a plain bed covered in white sheets. The yellow painted walls are a bit cracked in places and it doesn’t look well kept up. She’s still as sexy as ever but transformed from the familiar look her fans recognize. She’s sporting a pair of eyebrow rings on the outer side of her right eyebrow. Her eyes are decorated with thick black eyeliner and smoky grey eyeshadow. Another piercing, a simple silver stud, sticks out just below her lower lip in the center. Pulled snug over her chest is a tight white high cut tanktop. Across her chest is written in big block letters ‘I heart BBC’ though the heart is actually a picture of a heart instead of spelled out. Her right shoulder is decorated with several tattooed stars of varying size in purple, green, and black. Several more stars decorate her right side over her ribcage below where the tanktop cuts off. She has a stud piercing her belly button and below that another tat. This one is a black inked tribal pattern and below that the words ‘Cum Dump’. She’s wearing a pair of extremely tight green booty shorts as she sits spread eagled for the camera.

“Hi. I’m Emma Watson. You may know me from my movies. Thank you for visiting my new website.” Her sexy accent is the same as ever as she introduces herself.

“The new site is Emma Watson : BBC Junkie. That’s Big…”

As she says the word big a huge black schlong emerges from off camera to her left. She immediately grips the erect cock and starts stroking it.


The same happens from her right and again she immediately takes hold of the cock and strokes it vigorously with her other hand.


Now a black man steps in from off camera behind her. He places his cock atop her head showing off just how huge it is.

“Junkie. Because if there’s one thing I love it’s big black cocks and their pearly white cum. The more the merrier. If you want to see just how much of a whore for black cock I am subscribe now.”

The End