Prostitution is rampant in the Zone, and so is corruption among the “law” enforcers placed there.

Officers Kino and Mizuno just spent the night getting their cut from all those hookers, and they have NO patience for fooling around with that last bitch, Jenni. If that dumb slut doesn’t have enough money, she’ll pay in services!


Jenni wiped her mouth and grinned at the handful of crumpled bills as her client stumbled away. She was still getting the hang of hooking. It only occurred to her recently to demand cash up front! She tucked the money in her top and sauntered down the sidewalk with a smile, her heels clacking against the pavement.

The wail of a police siren made her freeze, and she heard a car pull up beside her. She spun around, just in time to get snagged by a strong, feminine arm. “Look what I caught, Ice.” A pair of blazing green eyes glared into Jenni’s own baby blues from beneath a lock of wavy brown hair. The tall brunette wore police blues and had a cruel smirk.

“Well, Officer Kino,” a voice remarked. “It’s either a fresh piece of ass… or that dumb little cocksucker, Jenni.” A second cop stepped out of the car, this one with short, shaggy bluish-black hair and steely eyes the colour of winter morning.

The auburn-haired officer wrinkled her nose. “Heh, good call. I can smell it on her breath.”

Jenni gulped. “Shocker” Kino and “Ice” Mizuno were the dirtiest cops in the city. Rumour had it even the mayor was afraid of them!

Without a word, Shocker grabbed Jenni’s tit, squeezing and groping, her hand sliding under the nylon mesh of her top. “Aha!” she grinned, ripping Jenni’s tits free – along with all her cash. “So, holding out on us, huh?”

“I was just coming to you guys with the money, I swear,” Jenni squeaked as Ice snapped a collar and leash on her. The cruel cop dragged her behind a dumpster in the alley.

“Barely half of what you owe,” Shocker snorted. “At least the other whores make an effort.” Jenni opened her mouth to protest, but she gagged as Ice filled it with seven inches of cock instead!

“You have the right to remain silent,” Ice grunted. She dragged Jenni down and yanked on the leash, forcing the blonde’s head up and down on her thick length. All Jenni could do was gurgle and choke around the sweaty cock.

“Bet you thought you could fool us with a bad dye job, huh?” Shocker snarled. She brandished her own erection like a baton, aiming it right for Jenni’s cunt. The ponytailed policewoman groaned as she sank her dick into Jenni’s sticky, still-dripping slit. “Work all night tryin’ to earn a living from you whores… and you fuckin’ short-change us… fuckin’ dumb slut…” Shocker spat insults and abuse at Jenni like they were venom as her cock squelched obscenely in Jenni’s cunt, stretching the well-used pink gash with her girth and pushing Jenni’s leg back to spread her legs further. Jenni’s eyes fluttered as the tall brunette sawed into her, hitting all the right spots.

For her part, Ice simply hissed through her teeth as she facefucked Jenni, drilling into the blonde’s throat. Her breath grew short and Jenni felt the cock in her mouth expand. The corrupt cop let out a moan of pleasure as cum burst from her dick, filling Jenni’s mouth. Jenni coughed and gasped for air as the still-spurting cock slipped from her lips, just as Shocker grunted with her own orgasm. Thick sperm erupted around Shocker’s dick, filling Jenni’s cunt and mixing with her own pussy juice. Jenni’s cunt quivered, sending bolts of pleasure to her brain until Shocker pulled out, splattering the last of her cum on Jenni’s tits to mix with her partner’s.

Their urges satisfied, the two cops wiped their dicks on her leg as she lay there panting. “You better have the money next time,” Shocker grunted as they stood, “Or we might just bring you to the station.”

Jenni shivered, but she couldn’t tell if it was from fear or anticipation.

– story by Mercury01