Now this piece is all Wandering North‘s fault – again!! He’s a fan and a friend (and a commissioner! when the money allows) and got us an interesting idea:


“After one of their typical nights of debauchery, Sara and Repree, discovered one of the johns had left behind an interesting device (a portal gun/time gun). Overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities of their new found toy the pair began to argue. Neither Sara or Repree remember why, or how the argument shifted to who would have been the better slut in their youth. Well after a couple pone calls, drug pickups, and interdimensional trips later Sara and Repree where settling that question,as well as taking the opportunity for some much needed catharsis at their younger selves expense. Don’t worry though  you should have seen those naive girls! They took to it like champs! Hell they started to beg for more after the first round!”


It turned out huge – isn’t easy to cram all those people together in a single scene and keep them all visible! But Krash managed to do it, somehow. 😀 You can check young goth Sara in the background, with Repree ramming her, and giving her some unusual drink. And in the foreground, Sara and young Repree. And – what a twist! – Repree was a chubby teen!


Hope you like it!


Fabs & Krash.