Whorra and Assami Working Hard!
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  1. Starfox2500

    Incredibly amazing and sexy work as always!

    These two bimbo sluts really look like they’re enjoying their wonderfully filthy and depraved lifestyles!

  2. Revy34

    Great art! Gotta ask, is this a tribute to the great story that is now finally over?

  3. xXxSexGod69GodOfAllTheSexXx

    Don’t forget you wanted to post more. I think you wanted us to remind you of that.

  4. sexfucker9000

    Yo, it’s been a while, time to update again to get one in before the end of the year.

  5. Snake

    Will there be more postings or this is the last one? Want more and I miss Krash Zones post

    • Fabs

      Sure there will be more! I’m sorry I’m not updating it as much as it should. We will resume them soon! I promise!

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  1. Lazy Fuck

    Having only come across the site recently and realizing how extensive your stuff is because of it, I’m kind of curious if you’ve seen Pegasus’ heroine humiliation stuff before and what you think of it if you have. He’s primarily famous for his Submission Agenda stories, which he’s slowly making in to comics over the years over on WWOEC. The Wonder Whores stuff seems pretty similar and it just makes me want to see the two of ye work together.

    • Fabs

      To be very honest, I don’t know – or knew – pegasus until you mentioned him. I’ll look after his stuff – do you have a link for them? – and see how similar are our works to his. Thanks for bring it to our attention! ^^

      • Lazy Fuck

        Easiest way to see his stuff is probably to view it on GEHentai at http://g.e-hentai.org/tag/artist:pegasus

        I think you’ll like it just based on your own art. He posts in a thread over on the WWOEC forums and, as far as I’m aware, nowhere else.

      • bluebodyxxx


        Super late, but if you’re looking for complete artwork of Pegasus, there’s always that archive. I think it’s his personal one, not sure.

      • jeezits

        I really wouldn’t bother, he’s a blatant tracer: http://imgur.com/a/bSLbm#0

        • bluebodyxxx

          true, he traces. Honestly though, I find his DC-Universe subjects a lot hotter than whatever he traced from. I think it’s more relevant to a western audience so I find it a lot more interesting.

          But you do have a point, his art is not really his own.

        • jdogg117

          izayoi seishin is the original artist that Pegasus bases his off of. You’re not the first person I’ve seen to call him out on it either. izayoi seishin does damn good work though. 🙂

      • NoName

        Hey Fabs. I’m glad I found this site. I joined the old legiocomix site way back when.

        I was wondering if you were ever going to finish the “Thunder and Power- Another Worlds” comic. It ended with a “TBC” but I never saw it updated and I think the site is gone now.

  2. Jack D. Ripper

    I can’t wait to see Wonder Girl’s reaction once the cocaine starts to take effect. I also can’t wait for the inevitable lesbian action to kick in. Damn fine stuff!

  3. Grim-dude

    Woah, been watching you for a while… And honestly, I love this stuff! Definitively gonna get me a commission from you when I get the cash!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Akumadoken

    Love all this but I need me some more Wonder Whores!!!

  5. Anony-Mouse

    “Guess who started noticing girls?”

    Two random males with orange pants, and orange and yellow shirts?

    • Fabs

      Aw, I take you havent watched the Lego Movie? 😀

      • Anony-Mouse

        I have not.

        • Anony-Mouse

          I’ve heard that song, “Everything is Awesome,” though. It was pretty good.

          • Oh, it’s a shame! I reccomend it – and after you see it, maybe the joke makes sense. ^^ It’s very, very good – not some of the Pixar movies – but way better than most animations around. 😉

  6. Faptasticky

    hot fucking mess. jesus man good job on this piece.

    • Fabs

      Thanks! Messy is good, right? 😉

      • Faptasticky

        But of course! Messy and sticky are the best

  7. Strangeplay

    Huh. God just got cucked.

  8. rhondarock

    Awesome work, fabs! Cassie looks so thirsty? Any chance Diana will get some chocolate of her own? 😉

  9. Arcalian

    hey, i see my comment wasn’t posted. sorry if i offended, i just want to see our new whore really get rockin

  10. Mr. Steal Your Waifu

    HOT DAMN! Makes you wanna join the army just so you can go on a “play date” with Starfire! :3

    Excellent piece.

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